Saturday, April 14, 2012

Story of a Pair of Shoes

It was a very hot day.. I was inside of a cab.. Looking through the window.. Its been almost 7 years.. 7 years of my life i've spent here.. the land of paddy field.. i cant wait to get myself out of here.. I want to see the world outside.. What its like to be in an operational squadron.. I've been a trainee all this time..

And the cab stopped in front of restaurant.. I paid RM3 to the driver and walk out of the cab with a friend.. As i stepped out of the cab, I felt something wrong with my left shoe.. "Oh, snap.. the back of my shoe got torn off.. i need to get a new pair quickly." I said to my friend.

So we walked to a shoes store not far away. I chose a new size 7 pair of shoes suitable with our very own dress code.. and then i stared at the old torn off shoe and suddenly a flash of memory came out..

It was raining over a town well known for its tin mining activities in the past.. i had a stomach ache and fever as my body trying to fit in with the new environment after spending weeks in the jungle with no food ration..

I need to buy a pair of shoes before moving into the officers mess. So, she brought me to a shoes store near her house.. i had difficulties in choosing the right pattern, the right design, the right size and the right price for me and finally found one.. it was just a pair of cheap shoes.. nothing special about it..

Back in her house, her mother showed me shoes that her father don't need anymore.. she asked me to choose any but i refused.. and later her father laughed at me after she told him i bought a cheap Bata shoes while her father was wearing Salvatore Ferragamo..

Its ok uncle.. i dont need an expensive pair of shoes just to be worn in a place i hate so much.. I believed its going to torn off real soon after all the tough activities i'm going to face.

So it was the shoes i've been wearing since the first day of flying school.. the same shoes when i went out with her every weekends.. the same shoes when she was still with me.. the same shoes..

"Would you like to keep these shoes inside of the box, sir?" the salesgirl asked. "No, i need to wear them immidietly." I replied. "So, What about those old shoes of yours? Would u like me to put them inside of the box?" She asked. I took a few seconds thinking and finally i said, "Just get rid of it."

As i walked out of the store.. i took a quick glance at those shoes before the salesgirl tossed it into the trash basket..

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