Tuesday, July 14, 2009


i just realized how words can be so lethal..
so lethal that it could pierce the heart..
so painful that i couldnt even move a muscle..
i held my breath..

i shed my tears..
i couldnt say a word..
for it might expose the feelings..

please do understand..
i never wanna leave in a condition like this..
how can i get myself calm
when its raining at the other side..

pretending is the least i can do..
by hoping that it would stop the rain..
so that i could enjoy the journey..
soon, i'll be back as promised..

do understand me..

Sunday, July 12, 2009

a week after my commissioning day

so here i am..
in front of my sis' lappy..
im back in my hometown, kuantan..
but my friends left the town already..
starting their new semester..


this is what u get for choosing a path different than the others..
im a leftenant now (lieutenant but i prefer the british pronunciation.. huhu)
1 week left, n i dunno what to do..
gosh.. 7 days? i dont wanna go back~
i dont wanna go back~

i have to go back repeating my survival course once this break is over..
hopefully everything will go smoothly..
and then, reporting to RMAF No.1 Flying Training Centre..
yea.. where killers are born..
of course i dont expect the training to be easy..
for the wing, syahmin.. for the wing..
have to get mentally & physically prepared..
well thats life..
thats military life..