Monday, April 20, 2009

April 19th

Its 1215H and the bell starts ringing.. “damn.. its Sunday, leave me alone..” I was lying on my bed.. and then I heard a voice “come on, wake up.. its time for lunch!”
“..yea, rite~” so i left my room and looked at the clock.. its about 15mins from 1230H.. “I still have time” so I laid myself on the couch and closed my eyes..

“hey, go get urself a shower, you stinky brat!” I heard a voice again.. but I was too lazy to move my ass.. it was Pejal, my housemate..
Pejal: I said go get yourself a shower, stupid! Its for your own good..
For my own good? Since when he became so concerned about me.. even he himself always left the house without taking a shower for lunch every time he becomes so lazy.. and im still lazy to move myself.. or even open my eyes..

Then I remembered about my clothes in the washing machine.. I forgot to hang them so I rushed to the back..
Pejal: finally..
I took my shower and felt quite refreshing.. “pejal got a point.. he’s right.. its for my own good” it was a really hot sunny day by the way..

Then I went for lunch.. pejal asked me;
Pejal: you weren’t on the phone with your girl this morning.. not as usual.. what happened?
Me: its Sunday.. im sure she’s still on her bed.. let her be.. she can only rest on Sundays..
An other friend: so, you guys just talk on working days eh? But not on weekdays.. *giggles
Me: not exactly, stupid!

She did called a few times n text me.. but she told me that she had an appointment with her doctor.. I don’t want to bother.. so, I went online, checking on my fb & fs.. reading birthday wishes from my friends and even strangers.. lol.. I never thought that they still remember my birthday since I was busy with my world and often forget to wish their birthdays..

Pejal came.. “hey, afiq said sergeant called you.. probably about your claim on medical equipment..
“-Oh, what is it this time”
So I shaved my beard.. but pejal asked me to have a game of football video game first until afiq confirmed it..

So we played until pejal received a call..
Pejal:ok, lets go..
Me: lets finish the game first..
Pejal: ok2
Then we walked to the ops room, but on the way, pejal told me to get in the social club first..
Me: wtf?
At first, I was thinking of ignoring him and just move to the ops room instead.. but maybe its ok to follow him.. I stepped into the social club and then………………

I saw to figures on the couch looking at me..
“who are they?”
”They look familiar..
“Why they look just like my gurl and her brother?”
“Yes, they are..”
“What are they doing here?”
“Why is the cake on the table?”

I was confused.. and it was a surprise from my girl.. WOAW~
Nothing like this ever happened in my life before.. then my friends came.. before I cut the cake, me n my girl received a video call.. it was from my family.. damn, they planned it together.. my friends, my family, and my gurl.. and yes, she was the mastermind.. lol.. so we had fun.. and I’m 22.. *sigh*

Baby, thanx for the surprise.. dat was so.. sweeettt.. and thanx from coming all the way from ipoh fer me.. I love you so much..
thanx, nur izzati bt muhd nadzri

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

-Stockholm Syndrome-

I won't stand in your way
Let your hatred grow
And she'll scream and she'll shout and she'll pray
And she had a name
Yeah she had a name

I won't hold you back
Let your anger rise
And we'll fly and we'll fall and we'll burn
No one will recall
No one will recall

This is the last time I'll abandon you
And this is
The last time I'll forget you
I wish I could

Look to the stars
Let hope burn in your eyes
And we'll love and we'll hate and we'll die
All to no avail
All to no avail

This is the last time I'll abandon you
And this is
The last time I'll forget you
I wish I could

This is the last time
I'll abandon you
And this is
The last time I'll forget you
I wish I could
I wish I could

Monday, April 13, 2009


im speechless..
i cant think of the words to say..
it was a bad day for both of us..
tommy's gone n ive ceated a trouble..

being in her place must've been hard..
but i hope dat she could survive..