Saturday, September 26, 2009

angels & demons

its time to head back to the north..
its time to leave my family..
my hometown..
everyone and everything i love..

back to a place where i have to become a different person..
a different person than who i am here..
here i am a lazy laid back guy..
totally depending on my mother and sisters..
its hard for me to move my lazy butt just to help them in the kitchen..
i am a king over here..

but back in the north..
i am forced to do things against my will..
but i have to..
even if i have to caused myself injuries..

made of fear..
fear is the reason why i obey..
fear of the pain n mental torture..
i hate the pain..
but the pain has made me the man i have become today..
all the sweats.. all the scars..
taught me a lot..
taught me not to give up..

i almost fall once..
for running away from the pain..
but now i surrender..
surrendering myself to my fate..
preparing to face the uncertain..
and all the pain that is incoming..