Monday, January 26, 2009

2 stories..

been awhile since the last time i wrote.. probably quite busy since the new semester have started.. yea its my last semester.. yay!~ cant wait to get my ass outta here..

so.. i wanna tell u guys 2 stories bout friendship n lurve.. (sial.. adekah aku sudah bertukar menjadi seorang mat bunge?? tidak!)

1st story:
i read this story somewhere..
its about a guy n a gurl..
they were friends since little..
best friends..
until the time when they grew up..
this guy keeps a feeling to the gurl..
but he didn't know how to tell her..
and he was afraid that he might
ruin things up..
so he just keep his mouth shut..

1 day
the guy met the gurl and about to tell her his feelings..
but the gurl said she had something to tell him..
she said, she's already taken by another guy
so the guy said.. as a best friend, hes supporting their relationship

few months later
the guy couldn't take it anymore
he luvs this gurl so much
n he really need to tell her
he was afraid of losing her
so he went to her
but the gurl gave him a card
it was a wedding invitation
the gurl was about to marry that other guy
so the guy said he's happy for her

1 day, the gurl died..
the guy went to her funeral..
and he found her diary
it was written:

1 jan:
i told him that i have a relationship with another guy.. and he was ok..
has he not feel the same way i feel bout him? i love him more than just friends..
but he didnt mind at all.. he probably never love me the way i love him

20 nov:
i gav him my wedding card and i was really hoping that he would try to stop it or at least tell me that he luvs me but he didnt

all right now lets get to the 2nd story

2nd story

this guy knw this gurl through mirc..
and she was a friend of a friend of him..
they became close.. n closer..
before becoming best friends..

he kept all of her secrets..
deepest n darkest..
this guy was about to tell her that he likes her..
but a friend of him took her away after knowing about it..
"what a regret to tell him"- said that guy

so.. the guy found another gurl
n the gurl was with another guy
but they still contacting each other
sharing all their stories.. their probs.. their joy..
even when she got her hand fractured..
few years later the guy had her leg fractured too..

but later the guy was dumped by his gurl..
n his best friend, the gurl also left his guy
so the guy said.. this is probably the right time..
but he was afraid that he might jeopardize their friendship..
so he let it be.. n waited for the right time to tell her

but before the time comes..
the gurl told him dat she's with someone new..
he pretended he was ok but actually he was not..
so he said, as a best friend, he will support her relationship..
so he keep being a good listener to her..
bout everything.. even her relationship though its painful..

but 1 day..
the gurl suddenly said she wanted to be his..
so the guy thought she was joking..
until 1 day when she was crying..
n she said she couldnt take it anymore..
the guy was touched.. n finally he can tell her..
tell her dat he luvs her without hesitation anymore..
it used to be "i luv u, buddy.."
bt now the word buddy is no longer needed..
and they end up becoming an item..
and the couple live happily ever after

my best friend, my soulmate partner n my luv

clap.. clap..